Frozen Jr. all Scenes


This download includes 12 high quality digital projections to use as backdrops, and 6 animated transitions for key moments in the story including the freezing of the ballroom, Olaf’s dream sequence into In Summer, the creation of Elsa’s Ice Palace, 2 options for the Mountain Fall and an animation for Scene 14 when summer returns to Arandelle.

The full Broadway inspired creation of Elsa’s Ice palace can be purchased¬†here ¬†and substituted for the shorter palace transition animation included with this package for an incredible audience experience.

MP4 & jpg format 74 MB

Frozen Jr. All Scenes

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Elsa's Ice Palace Creation

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Summer returns to Arandelle

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Mountain Fall Option 1

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Mountain Fall Option 2

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Freezing of the Ballroom

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Olaf's In Summer Dream

Scene 1 Arandelle in Summer

Scene 2 Castle Interior

Scene 3 Castle Interior 3 months later

Scene 4 & 5 Coronation Hall

Scene 6 Ballroom

Scene 6 Ballroom Frozen

Scene 7, 8, 9 & 10 Mountainside

Scene 7b In Summer

Scene 11 Elsa's Ice Palace

Scene 12 Foot of the Mountain

Scene 13 Castle Interior frozen

Scene 14 Outside the Palace frozen