What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in Australian dollars. If you are not in Australia, the price will be converted to your own currency at the current exhange rate at the point of purchase.

Do the animations sync with the audio for Frozen Jr. from MTI?

Yes. We designed the animations to sync with the performance track for Let it Go provided by MTI. Due to licensing we can't provide the audio track but your show's licensing will provide the same audio. The videos for Let it Go start at the same time as the song starts. Colder by the Minute will need to be cued manually once your cast are in position.

What type of projector do I need?

It all depends on the size of your theatre and where you can place your projector. If you are using other scenic projections the same projector can be used for the Let it Go screen projections. For small theatres or auditoriums a standard good quality classroom projector should work well for the main screen projections and for Colder by the Minute. For larger theatres you may need a projector with more brightness. Feel free to contact us with your theatre dimensions and available projector specs and we'll give you some free advice.

How many projectors will I need?

Just one for the main screen projections for Let it Go or the full package with all scenes included. If you want to also project the side projections you'll need another two, and another one for the stage projections. We also had a separate one for Colder By The Minute. So we used 5 but if you only have one the Let it Go projections have great impact - and another one for Colder By The Minute is awesome. It's possible to have a different configuration so contact us with your ideas and we'd be happy give our feedback.

Where do the projectors need to be placed?

For the main screen Let it Go projections it is best if you can mount your projector high up to minimise shadows from Elsa. But even if you have to project from stage level, the shadows are minimal. If you are using a snow dance chorus there may be more shadows but the impact is minimal. For the side projections you'll need to mount the projectors at an angle to your stage. The stage projections will need to be projected from a projector mounted on a bar above the stage and point vertically down.

Do I need special software?

If you are using only one projection then no special software is required. A basic video player or even PowerPoint can work. If you are using a lighting desk, you can cue the videos to play at the appropriate moment, or you can cue them manually. For the side projections you'll need a mapping software package to map them to your solid legs. Contact us if you need some suggestions on what to use.

Should I download mp4 or .mov file formats?

If you are using just one projection and basic video software the mp4 files will be more than adequate. If your setup is more complex or you are going to use specialist mapping or projection software then the .mov file may be required. If you are not sure just contact us and we'll help you out. If you purchase one and decide you need the other, no problem we'll be happy to give you access to the file free of charge.

How long does it take to set up in the theatre?

For the main Let It Go projection or full package scenes it won't take long as it is a straightforward projection onto your screen. You just need to be mindful of your cast creating shadows so if you can mount your projector high up or even on the ceiling this will be minimised. If you are going to project the side projections then it will take some time to map the projections to your solid legs. It depends on your experience with mapping software but make sure your tech team are aware that you may need several hours to make sure it's all working.