Let it Go - Side


This animated video projection is designed to be projected onto solid legs at side stage. The animations are synced to the song and works with the junior and “Broadway” versions of the show.  Includes star sparkles timed to Elsa’s “glove and cloak” moments as well as the “blinder” animation timed for Elsa’s spectacular dress reveal.  Animations are also timed to work with the FrozenFX screen projection and also FrozenFX stage projections for greatest effect. Download file is synced to start at start of song 3 minutes 45 seconds duration.

These animations will require some knowledge of projection mapping techniques including access to software to map animations to your solid legs.  Animations can be scaled to suit your set pieces and a guide for your set builders is included.  Feel free to contact us for assistance with how to project these in your show.

MP4 format 374 MB

.mov format 40 GB

Due to file size, if .mov is preferred the files can be posted free of charge.  Please email us to arrange purchase and delivery.

Let it Go - Side

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