Colder By The Minute


This short animation has great impact at one the most dramatic moments of the show.  Even if you have only one projection this one will be remembered long after the final bows.   The projection requires only one projector and any good quality classroom projector should be bright enough depending on where it can be placed.  It requires no special software and any video player or even PowerPoint will work.  The only thing you need to do is align the projection with your cast position – and then ensure your cast hit their spots each time.  The edges have been pre feathered to minimise the impact of any light spill that may occur.  A “melting” effect is also included.

Three files are included in the download. Quicktime format – one with alpha and one without, and an inverted mp4. Download all and choose the one that gives you the best effect.  The live show example here used the alpha version.  Make sure your lighting desk reduces or darkens ambient light during the projection for best effect.  Includes audio file.

All formats

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